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America’s Furor


What a powerful word, furor/furher.   The pronunciation is also associated with ‘Hitler’ and his ‘homeland.  Our own Homeland Security has established tolerances, guidelines and allowences that compromise the very basis of America.  The surveillance methods in America cross the lines of our Constitution.  When that came into being,  is when I say we stopped being “America” and became something else.  Sure, the name didn’t change, but look at all the women who marry and keep their names, or the businesses that are bought out and also keep the name they are better known by.  Are people looking for a name change to go along with the severe change in the foundation of our country?  We sure aren’t the pre 9-11 America where we all felt safe.  Now, home security has got to be tied into National Security.  Monitored in our homes.  All the goodies in our cars – monitored wherever we go.  Monitored on our phones, our cable boxes, home gaming systems, computers…No..we lost our innocence for 23 trillion dollars and the formation of Homeland Security and all of its offshoots.  Being alert has become, “stick your nose in other peoples’ business, but don’t let them know”

Somebody HAS to point a directional listening device at our house in order to rebroadcast.  Are they leaving it ‘as is’ or is it being edited?  I believe edited in this instance is being kind.  With the nasty mocking I hear on my end, and I can save my blog at one word count only to return and find a different number…our TV shows are delayed by at least a week, so why wouldn’t what we say and think not be delayed and modified?  There’s a cancer growing in America that without addressing it with truth, will lead to this country’s destruction.  Moral degeneration is already in progress.  It began on 9-11-2001, when the ACT of terrorism was put on for the world to see.  How tragic for people directly involved.  The whole country shared in their emotions, a hatred grew out of it that lead to a ‘civilized’ form of racial profiling.  Here’s definately where I’m going to be edited:  They showed the truth of how 9-11 came to be when they pulled their neurological hoax on the country using me.  I was supposed to have been a weak minded, submissive female.  A mother in grief, a broken-hearted woman, a victim of injustice.  Broken.  They had planned on ‘fixing me’ – but their idea for my outcome didn’t match mine. 

I do the lamest things in retalliation.  Notes in helium balloons, chalk messages on sidewalks, business cards with information on them, I sing in my yard, I paint the topper on my truck…  I have painted a table cloth and pinned it to a picnic table even, with a message about the truth.  My dumb ideas have sent these people into a total billion plus dollar – call out the military panic!  WHY?  Because I am proof of the truth to how terrorism was born in America, but they are the proof of its GROWTH.

Our country’s name didn’t change, but the way we do things did – immediately!  People are so scared they stopped calling out to God, they call 9-1-1!  For me, that’s the crook’s hotline, and it will take something DRASTIC before I use that number!  I read the article where the FBI did a profile on Steve Jobs because he was being considered for a political position.  THINK ABOUT THIS!!!   The FBI is choosing our political leaders?  They’ve been front and center in the civil rights movements for blacks and women.  They’ve been on the frontline when it comes to fanatical religous leaders…by their standards.  It’s not Obama running this country, is it!  I don’t see how, he’s so surrounded by security personnel, what decisions can he make that don’t have to be cleared by security’s opinions?  “Will it be a ‘safe’ choice or cause a reaction that will require protection?”

How about when THEY make a mistake or have an error in judgment?  What’s THEIR solution?  CONSPIRACY!  Cover it up.  Never apologize, it’s a sign of weakness.  You show me a marriage that’s lasted a lifetime where nobody has apologized and I’ll sell you a rainbow.  If there isn’t an admission of mistakes, the mistakes remain.  They have to be faced at some point or a divorce comes.

I’ll bet if you had the right frequency and equipment, you people would know I’m telling you the truth about this mind reading technology,  It’s a reality for EVERYBODY already, or they would’ve rushed in to help me and proclaimed a breakthrough instead of running the other way and doing everything they can to hide the truth and destroy our lives.  What did I hear at first?  Demonic furor!  I called my pastor when the deputies wouldn’t help.  The pastor prayed for my sanity??  He’s ex-navy himself, he knew what was going on!  It took my rescued dog to help me see it was RADIO, and being across the river from NASA (who is all about frequencies), my dog didn’t need an astroNOT helmet to see the technology.  The electrician who helped me figure things out?  The first thing he said was my whole back yard was like a giant speaker!

They’ve DRAGged this out..(the ‘prophetic drag(on)?).  The more confused they can make people, the less they will understand or believe.  But when it comes down to it, their ‘pride’ is worth more than what they proffess to protect – the people!  Why would I be afraid of these people?  Without their technology or clothes, we’re alike aren’t we?  One on one, we’re pretty much the same.  But you add that ego, the money and their supporting technology, hey, I’m less than nothing.  But I guess that’s what pisses them off.  That living God of Heaven I worship has kept me front and center whether they like it or not, whether I like it or not!  Seizing a town over this hasn’t been fair to the people who live here.  But they weren’t told the TRUTH.  The big bluff will come when I die and they finally shut off their equipment.  There HAS to be something pointed at us for this to work.  But their lie is I do this without their equipment.

So why is it so much more quiet when I leave the house?  Because it’s not DIRECTIONAL and STATIONARY then.  Raped by the Furor of America.  The Kings of Konspiracy.


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